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3D Imagine captures photographs and turns them in to life like 3D Figurines using 3D software. Have a seat at one of our workstations and 3D print objects using our 3D printers. We also offer professional 3D Design services.

3D Figurines

3D Printing

3D Design

Order a 3D Print

3D Figurines

Visit the 3D Imagine store and step into the scanner

You only have to stay still for two seconds

We review and pick the best photo

We process the scan data in to a 3D model 

The figurine is printed in full color and post processed


3D Printing

3D Imagine makes 3D printing easy

Browse 3D objects from an online database from our workstations or from your phone

Import the file into a program to find best size and price 

Come back to store when print finishes or have it mailed to you



11:30 am – 7:30 pm


By Appointment

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